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Introduction to self-service car wash bays

The car wash industry has become an increasingly buoyant line of business, offering real golden opportunities. This is because it is centred on tasks that people, either due to lack of time or out of convenience do not wish to do themselves. Or, if they do have the time, they want an optimised, efficient, modern way of washing their vehicle. Car washes are an interesting business opportunity as they do not require a large initial investment; they are easy to set up; they can be operated with inexpensive labour and do not require a great deal of experience to run them. And what is more, there is a potential market willing to pay to keep their car in perfect condition.

Why high-pressure bays?

Up until now the most popular method for washing vehicles has been with brushes, but over the past few years, the enormous advantages of high-pressure or power washing have overtaken this traditional method, making it an obsolete system that little by little is being replaced by washing bays.

What kind of profitability dos this washing system afford?

The optimization of consumables makes high-pressure washing the most cost-effective of all washing systems, representing between 10 and 15% of costs, so that for each Euro collected a minimum profit of 85 Euro cents is obtained.

What do I need to set up a this type of car wash?

Requirements will depend on usage demand and hence the number of bays you want to install. For a standard installation with 4 bays an area of 400 square metres can be sufficient.

What are the advantages of high-pressure self-service washing?

  • Car care and maintenance. Since there is no physical contact with the car body, there is no risk of damage caused by brush bristles (even if brushes are in good condition they can cause erosions). Likewise there is no problem of tunnel and gantry malfunctions causing impacts with vehicles.
  • Significant savings on water consumption for washing vehicles (40 litres per wash in a HAP installation compared to the average 250 litres used in conventional hand washing or the 300 litres used in a car wash tunnel).
  • Saving on electricity consumption compared to other car washing methods.
  • Does not require labour to carry out the actual activity, only for small daily maintenance tasks (replacing consumables, cleaning installations, etc.) and for collection of payment.
  • Less risk of breakdowns than with brush-washing equipment and greater independence from authorised technical services for those that may occur.
  • Environment-friendly: because this activity is carried out in a zone specifically for this purpose, with products that have been proven to be harmless for the environment and on a site with all the necessary means for collecting and disposing of any discharges of greases or hydrocarbons that may occur when the vehicle is being washed. 

Why work with

SISTEMAS DE LIMPIEZA HAP SL is a company devoted to the manufacture of ecological washing systems with over 30 years experience in the industry. It specialises in high-pressure car wash centres, and is the leading company in Spain in the development and implementation of these systems, having carried out more than 500 installations throughout the country. It has experience in the most extensive range of washing installations that exists, including among others, washing requirement for such diverse industries as rail transport, military tanks or nuclear or solar energy, applying the most modern washing systems and solutions available.

Currently the company boasts vehicle washing systems that are present in more than ten different countries in Europe, South America and Africa. We are currently negotiating the implementation of several vehicle washing centres in Brazil, Algeria and Angola.

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