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Commercial vehicles - HAP Car Wash

Single-brush columns

Single-brush for washing commercial vehicles

Mobile wash column. Model: NC/001

1. HAP’s mobile column for washing BUSES and VANS is easily operated by just one person.  Perfect vehicle washing and rinsing in 3/5 minutes.

2. It does not take up take up vital space so that it can be used inside or outside the depot or garage.

3. It does not require any special installation conditions other than a good concrete floor with drainage. These are the usual requirements for any bus depot, garage or yard with a water and electricity supply.

4. It is virtually maintenance free thanks to the quality and strength of the materials used in its construction.

5. A portable column affords the following advantages:

  • Low investment
  • Unlike the work involved in hand-washing vehicles, this system is effortless.
  • Saves on labour, water, detergent and time or having to pay a third party.
  • Fleet of vehicles is always clean
  • Helps preserve paint, lettering, etc.
  • Less downtime

It incorporates a high-pressure system as an accessory for the mobile column, with a high-pressure water jet lance to wash under chassis, wheels, etc.

STRUCTURE Made totally in aluminium to prevent rust and for a lighter weight.
BRUSHES Special, purpose-designed polyethylene bristles.
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION Double button panel with change of rotation direction.
PLUMBING Two separate lines with stainless steel ejectors, one with a soap injector.
TILTABLE PVC and stainless steel cylinder with tilting control to adjust brush to the vehicle contour.
HIGH-PRESSURE SYSTEM (optional) Pump and lance set to spray water at 150 atmospheres of pressure.


WASHING HEIGHT Minimum: 300 mm.
Maximum: 4.200 mm.
ESTIMATED CONSUMPTIONS Electricity 0,06 Kw./h.
Water 25L./minute
Detergent: 0,02L./Wash
DIMENSIONS Handrail base: 1.840 x 1.000 mm.
Total height (according to model) max.: 4.300 mm.
ELECTRICITY SUPPLY Connection power: 1,5CV.
With high pressure pump: 7,0 CV.
Voltage: 220/380 three-phase
WATER Connection: 1/2 inch

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